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I am excited to introduce you to Petrichor Play Choir, a new community choir bringing music from all over the world to Newcastle/Mulubinba. Mostly a capella, but featuring the talents of some groovy instrumentalist friends from time to time, this choir will have a strong focus on empowering folks with the tools and mindset of practical music making. The repertoire will include heartfelt and funky part-singing songs from all over the world – some borrowed arrangements, some new, and maybe an original song every now and then. Occasionally there will be a short 15 minute workshop exploring one particular topic of music making, comprising a bit of theory followed by a practical activity.

Petrichor is a platform of curious exploration and musical connection where we come together as we are and expand our sense of self through the beautiful songs and sounds of the world. We will sing songs, play around and discover the magic of being alive, making music together. No musical experience is needed. We will learn everything on the way.

Refreshments will be available at intermission by donation from singers. Please bring along some biscuits or something else to share if you feel the call.

Musical Director

Christopher Sutherland is a composer, performer, producer and multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of experience in many styles of music. He creates dreamy folk and ethereal electronic music as Abhaya Sky, performs fully improvised sound dreamings with cello/flute/guitar trio Hidden Strings, and has performed throughout Australia and Europe with cult-choral darlings The Spooky Men’s Chorale. Christopher understands music as a lost birthright of all human beings and aims to empower people with the ability to sing and to explore the infinite possibilities of music.

Cost: $20 per session payable by cash or bank transfer. Pay what you can is welcomed.

Time: Mondays 7 – 9pm. We will break over the school holidays unless otherwise noted.

Location: Hamilton Uniting Church – 150 Beaumont St, Hamilton.

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