The Ocean Door (2022)

This piece was released via Merkaba Music as part of the compilation album ‘Soothe the Soul’.

The record was created as a musical prayer of healing, an offering of deep stillness for this crazed and beautiful world. We hope that you enjoy it. You can find my work, “The Ocean Door” amongst many other gems from my friends wherever you stream music. I offer heartfelt thanks to cellist Naomi Dart for her haunting contribution.

If you wish to buy it please support us by purchasing a copy on Bandcamp.

Ode to Impermanence (2019)

Ode to Impermanence is a love letter to the nature of the universe that is forever arising and passing away. It depicts a journey from a place of anxiety and confusion to one of being at peace within the world. On a personal level, it is an expression of my recovery from depression, and the progressive rediscovery of the fundamental magic of being. It bows to the realisation that change is the essence of existence, that life and death are two sides of the same coin.

Throughout the process of making the album I spent many hours looking at the stars in the night sky and contemplating the losses I would experience in my life, all that had already arisen and changed, and the great mystery I found myself suspended within. A big part of the sound was to record broken and out of tune instruments I had access to at the time, as well as a collection of bells and chimes that I had come across during my explorations of Buddhist meditation.

I wish I could tell you what this record means to me; it is an unprecedented statement of achievement in my life, which has, amongst the good, involved an embattled history of fear, doubt and confusion, especially in accepting this particular human life here on earth. I am a sensitive person, and sometimes it has been very hard to keep going. My creation of this record is a milestone marking my return to wholeness.

Rain-Soaked Heart (2019)

A collection of odds and ends, largely improvised outflows from an intense time in my life. The emotional landscape of Rain-Soaked Heart is that place where your heart has been broken open and you stand amidst the wreckage, unable to make sense of anything. Slowly life reorders itself, but things are different from this new perspective. The fragility of life is clear, and being held seems to mean more than it ever did. New loves are seen in the light of our suffering, and there is gratitude that any of it can be felt at all.

This is a water-bound record, both inspired by its flowing ways, and using the sounds of rain, rivers and water to create its many colours. I used field recordings all over the place, and created an electronic sample instrument that played the sounds of water across using a piano keyboard. I also used a technique emphasising natural harmonics to transform the sounds of rain into playable synth textures.