Abhaya Sky

Creative Music Mentoring

Christopher teaches music online and face-to-face in an open, free-flowing format that emphasises curiosity, joyful expression and connection through the exploration of various areas of musical interest. He is able to guide students in performance, songwriting, composition, recording and music production across many styles and instruments.

Areas of specialty are:

  • guitar
  • voice
  • songwriting and composition
  • recording and music production
  • electronic music production
  • keyboards, synthesisers and music technology
  • performance anxiety
  • cultivating flow
  • developing a thriving creative practice

He is able to teach a beginner in most other instruments including ukulele, bass, piano and percussion, and could probably help creatives of any discipline better understand themselves and their artistic practice.

Christopher’s approach to music education does not lean heavily on any specific method or focus on the development of knowledge or ability, although those naturally come in time. While he does pull resources from traditional teaching materials, the emphasis is always on practical experiential-based learning. Calling his teaching style Creative Music Mentoring, Chris aims to create self-propelled musicians who can explore and create music under their own authority, guided by their own passion and intuition.

Lessons include access to a variety off state-of-the-art musical equipment

Beginning with an area of special interest to the student, we explore music through small creative projects, guided by an inner sense of curiosity and joy, and over time grow in both general and specialist abilities. Gradually, we widen the circle and become more refined and capable musicians across many areas of interest, all the while having fun and deepening into an intuitive understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Christopher has 3 years of experience as a disability support worker and has taught music to people of many ages and capacities with great success. NDIS-funded support is available for plan and self-managed clients. He is able to meet the needs of most anyone who walks through the door, or can at least point you to someone who can. Chris is also a qualified yoga teacher in the Ashtanga Vinyasa style, and can offer appropriate guidance and techniques in yogic disciplines. This can even be incorporated into the lesson structure, as is usual for some of his students.

Cost: $80 per hour

Regular weekly or fortnightly spots are available, and one-off lessons are also welcomed.

Location: Hamilton North home music studio – with full privacy, waiting room and bathroom facilities.

NDIS customers please note I would usually recommend the following line item:

09_011_0125_6_3 – Capacity-Building Supports/Increased Social and Community Participation – Community Participation Activities

If there is insufficient funding available for the above, then it may be possible to use either of the following and pay the difference of $22.90 privately:

15_037_0117_1_3 – Improved Daily Living Skills – Individual Personal Life Skills Development & Training, Includes Public Transport Training & Support

04_104_0125_6_1 – Access Community Social and Recreation Activities – Weekday Daytime

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